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Trio School has been primarily established as a music school, where our students also get enrolled in such courses as Languages, Dance, Math and Chess, which are offered by our university educated professors. We believe that Music, dance, math, and chess, as well as languages have a lot in common. Music is a language itself; language has intonation, pitch, rhythm, and expressiveness, which are common features of music. Dance has the rhythm and expressiveness, and the dance is the language. Math, chess music, and dance all have pattern recognition. For music you need the musical hearing and ability to count the beats; for math you have to be good with numbers and calculating; for chess you need to have good “vision” and calculating abilities. That is why; our school is actually the school of Music, Dance, Languages, Math and Chess. You will learn much more if you take time to read all the materials posted on our website


Our Math instructors are professional teachers, some of whom have successfully taught Math at a university level for decades and who have helped hundreds of their students. Their teaching styles are highly strategic and effective. Their methods involve development of students’ attitude and motivation, investing in the fundamentals, attending to careless mistakes, progressive dynamic response, teaching proofs of formulas, not the formulas themselves, putting the concept in context of the entire Discipline.
They teach Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Math Analysis, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Calculus BC, College Calculus (Single Variable), College Calculus (Multi Variable), Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Statistics, AP Statistics, College Statistics.
They train their students to exercise logical thinking, reasoning; as well as various techniques, strategies and skills of problem solving. They know how to find out what are the strengths of the students and guide them to make the best use of their strengths in the applications. They find out where the weaknesses and gaps are and work towards improving these areas in the quickest possible way. Their students always gain confidence quickly and enjoy their learning experiences.


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Chess is the ideal way to get a headstart with your child’s education. Studies have shown that children who play chess do better academically. Chess has been shown to help numerous mental faculties: memory, reading ability, IQ scores, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, concentration, creativity, and etc.
Our chess instructor has more than 20 years of experience in teaching chess. He is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, where he spent several years working as the Chess Coach at elementary schools; that is why he has the knowledge of teaching the youngest pupils, whom he admits to his program when those are five-year-old and older. He teaches children of all ages and adults. He was captain and coach of the University chess team in Russia, and he participated in many tournaments, both in Russia and internationally.
Currently he holds several certificates in chess:

* FIDE (International Chess Federation) Certified Instructor
* USCF (US Chess Federation) Certified Chess Coach
* USCF Certified Tournament Director

He has previously worked as BayAreaChess company chess coach in different local schools. Several of his students have become strong chess players.


Math Instructor

Our math instructor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Statistics, both from UC Berkeley. He has over 30 years of experience as a Software Engineer. He is very passionate about math and has worked as a math tutor for the past 4 years, helping students of middle and high school age in subjects from Pre-Algebra through Calculus. The instructor strives to make math fun and interesting for his students.

Chess Instructor

One of our chess instructors has had great chess couches himself, and two of them have been couched world chess champions. He had the highest rating of about 2200 when he was actively playing in different tournaments in St. Petersburg during 2003 – 2005 years. He has developed a special project named “Computer Chess Education”. He has been working on contracts with “After School All Stars” and San Jose Unified School District. He’s been a chess instructor at Delphi Academy (Santa Clara). There he uses computers with educational and playing chess programs. One of his students has won his age group US Championship in Phoenix.